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Case study

Skills case study #2

Exam Wizard

Exam Wizard: HTML exam papers library.

Why we were contacted:

Our customer was looking for a more efficient way of producing content for a service that provides schools with GCSE and A Level specimen and past exam papers, including exam questions, mark schemes and examiners’ reports. They had already tried producing the content a couple of different ways, including using an offshore supplier, but the service was demanding too much internal time. They needed things done differently, so they contacted us - and we like to think they haven’t looked back since!

What we do:

We convert each paper from PDF to HTML format, at question level, with complete accuracy. We create questions for subjects such as Business, Computer Science, Economics, English, Geography, History, ICT, Maths, MFL, PE, Religious Studies, Sciences and Statistics.

Exam Wizard: HTML exam papers library.

How we do it:

We code each question in HTML. We author the associated metadata and then upload questions to a staging server, where they are carefully checked before being put live.

When we deliver it:

We've converted tens of thousands of questions. Questions are live within months of each exam paper being handed over to us.

Exam Wizard: HTML exam papers library.

Exam Wizard: HTML exam papers library.