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Case study

Knowledge case study #2

Digital strategy

Digital Book Bundle for AQA AS Psychology

Why we were contacted:

Illuminate Publishing approached us because it needed:

  • A strategy for efficiently producing and delivering digital content
  • To improve its digital archiving and reprint processes

What we did:

We looked at the range of products being published and identified the aspects of publishing that needed enhancement. It was agreed that we would manage the development of:

  • A browser-based platform for digital book delivery on desktop and tablet devices
  • A range of HTML content templates, including marked interactive questions
  • A reusable architecture for revision apps
  • A secure cloud-based archiving system and processes for updating and reprinting products

How we did it:

Digital books: We used our instuctional design expertise to specify a platform that was simple and intuitive to use, provided teachers and students with useful and practical features and put the content centre stage. We made sure Illuminate could produce digital books and content quickly and cost-effectively, and that they wouldn't need any technical expertise to do this. The associated user-management module provided Illuminate with the necessary data and tools to monitor and control access to the platform, and we devised workflows for customer services and technical support. We ensured that the hosting solution chosen was stable and reliable.

Revision app for AQA AS Psychology

Revision apps: We worked with the publishing team and authors to define the functionality of the app and the structure of the content. We wrote the technical specification and sourced the developer. The content production process we devised populates the app with content, authored into an Excel spreadsheet, at the click of a button! We ensured the app was robust by testing on a huge range of Android and iOS devices and managed the app store submission and approval process. The first app produced was the most downloaded educational app of 2014!

Archiving: Working with the publishing directors, we established a workable system that simplified the archiving process, to make sure that reprints can be efficiently and effectively sent to press.

When we delivered it:

Illuminate's first digital book was published within 6 months and their first revision app was available in both Android and Apple app stores within 9 months! Haremi has now been working in partnership with Illuminate for more than 5 years. Our content production team produce content for Illuminate, using processes and systems that we introduced, helping them get to market more cost effectively and quicker than ever before!

Digital Book Bundle for AQA AS Psychology

Revision app for AQA AS Psychology